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William Cafarella is an expert General Manager with nineteen years of delivering effective dealership management, staff supervision, organizational development, comprehensive skill, and experience in all aspects of AUTO dealership operations. The dealership is run on a proven system with multiple processes, says William Cafarella. Mr. Cafarella has an impeccable background of building dealerships, increasing volume, and net profit.

William Cafarella is currently the General Manager at Coral Springs Nissan. William Cafarella oversees the entire operation - sales, service, & parts. He is responsible for managing over 250 employees. Mr. Cafarella is also responsible for everything that has to do with the store.

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William Cafarella Believes Auto Sales are Going to Shift as The Travel Industry Improves
May 19, 2021

William Cafarella Believes Auto Sales are Going to Shift as The Travel Industry Improves

The travel industry has made significant shifts over the last few years due to mobility restrictions and the economic downturn. In this same time period, prices of used cars have escalated, and chip shortages have limited new car production availability. One highly experienced cars salesmen has a nuanced perspective on the topic; William Cafarella has […]

Tips on How to Motivate Employees
April 3, 2021

William Cafarella Shares Tips on How to Motivate Employees

William Cafarella has been an industry leader in automobile dealership management for 20 years. He is well respected by his employees because he understands the importance of good management, which revolves around respecting his employees. Motivating an employee is not as difficult as one may believe. There are only a few simple things that must […]

February 25, 2021

William Cafarella Offers Several of His Top Car Dealership Business Success Tips

William Cafarella recently offered several of his top tips for successfully running a car dealership. Coral Springs, FL / William Cafarella is an expert in the car dealership industry. He has a history of running dealerships to the top. Cafarella ran the largest Honda store in the nation, the largest Volkswagon store in the nation, […]

February 21, 2021

William Cafarella Discusses Five Major Ways to Motivate Your Team in the Workplace

William Cafarella recently discussed five significant ways you can keep your team motivated in the workplace. Employee burnout is not uncommon in many workplaces across the country. A lack of motivation by employees can quickly lead to unaccomplished goals and a decline in profit. However, management experts like William Cafarella understand what it takes to […]

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