February 10, 2021

William Cafarella Discusses How He Successfully Manages More Than 250 Employees at One Time

Dealership management expert William Cafarella discussed how he is able to successfully manage more than 250 employees at once. Managing hundreds of employees at one time is no easy feat. However, dealership management expert William Cafarella has been able to do just that and great success. Cafarella has been in the car dealership business for […]

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January 20, 2021

William Cafarella Discusses Being an Industry Leader in Auto Dealership Management

General manager William Cafarella recently discussed his success in the auto dealership industry.   William Cafarella has more than 19 years of experience in dealership management. His years of experience and impeccable business intuition have led him to run the largest Honda dealer in America and numerous other leading dealerships across the country. He recently […]

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William Cafarella
December 30, 2020

William Cafarella Explains How to Inspire Your Auto Dealership Team

William Cafarella recently explained how to inspire your auto dealership team toward success.   William Cafarella is an expert in auto sales. He has been named one of the top general managers in the country and has a history of running numerous dealerships in the U.S. to the top. William Cafarella recently shared several tips […]

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November 9, 2020

William Cafarella Dispels Myths About Running A Dealership During COVID

Right now, businesses can’t run as usual, and car dealerships are no exception to this social and financial change. However, many dealerships are still profiting instead of losing sales.Coral Springs, FL. From sales to service to customer service, William Cafarella is responsible for running a smooth ship at the Coral Springs Nissan car dealership.  Since […]

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