William Cafarella Believes Auto Sales are Going to Shift as The Travel Industry Improves

William Cafarella

May 19, 2021

William Cafarella Believes Auto Sales are Going to Shift as The Travel Industry Improves

The travel industry has made significant shifts over the last few years due to mobility restrictions and the economic downturn. In this same time period, prices of used cars have escalated, and chip shortages have limited new car production availability. One highly experienced cars salesmen has a nuanced perspective on the topic; William Cafarella has nearly 20 years of experience selling units across the country. Graciously, he has taken a little time to offer insights about these issues.

William Cafarella Believes Auto Sales are Going to Shift as The Travel Industry Improves

Thinking From The Inside Track

It can be tough to know what will happen in the future; luckily, William Cafarella has a wealth of car sales industry experience. His career includes exposure to manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Volkswagon, and currently working with Nissan and an excellent range of geographic locations around the United States like Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Missouri, and currently the state of Florida. This creates a well-rounded knowledge set in regard to making a purchase.

“There are still plenty of great deals to be had out there if you can take the time to shop around diligently. It may help to establish a small personal network of salespeople in your area that can reach out directly to you when something that is within your parameters appears on the market. It helps to think creatively while you are looking for a new vehicle.”, Cafarella said.

Many families are eager to visit loved ones, schedule vacations to visit destinations, and see the sights. Often this means acquiring a vehicle that is ready for the open road but timing the market correctly to get the best deal, as previously mentioned under the current circumstances, can prove challenging. However, there may be light emerging at the end of the tunnel.

William speculates, “One line of thinking is that the bottlenecks occurring within the car sales industry will smooth out as international trade stabilizes. The difficulties in moving resources and parts from one location to another will increase availability and bring prices for used cars more in line with where people expect them to be compared to new vehicles. The timeline for this to occur is dependent on several factors.”

William Cafarella has a deep understanding of his industry. Make sure to do your due diligence when making such an extensive purchase and attempt to keep your emotions in check. Reach out to him at Coral Springs Nissan, the largest Nissan dealer on the planet, for additional insights or when you are ready to make a car purchase. “Coral Springs Nissan sells more Nissans than any other dealership in the world!”, William Cafarella proclaimed.